Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day Thirty

The call and response in yesterday’s song asked us “where is the light?” and then answered, “the light’s inside of me.” Often in this time of year, and at many times in our lives, that outside light seems dim, and the only place we can seem to find a spark is deep inside of ourselves. 

We hope that this thirty-day practice has helped you to find and brighten that spark of deep gratitude within yourself. As we stare now at December’s blank pages, and move out into the unwritten days of our lives, only we can decide whether we will use that light to lead us – whether we will approach those days with gratitude. 

On the last day of our November practice, we invite you to find that daily gratitude reminder you set for yourself, way back on day one – maybe it was a quote, or an image, or a chime on your phone, or a spot in your house. Find a way to make that gratitude reminder last a little longer. You might put the image in a frame. Or set the phone chime to repeat daily for the next… eleven months or so. 

We invite you, today, to make the choice to keep this reminder with you throughout the whole year. In doing so, may you take the first step not towards living a life that’s fully written out with plans, goals, and guarantees for good things to come – but rather towards living a life that recognizes how the light of gratitude can lead, no matter what may come.

With gratitude,
Rev. Ken & Lee


  1. The past few days have been really hard for me... for a million different reasons. I haven't even been able to write here or in my gratitude journal because everything feels so fraught. I am doing my best to stay in the moment, be thankful for the kairos of the past few months, but man, I am so messed up at the moment. And.... I couldn't let this practice end without one more post, so here I am, as I am.

    Thank you, Ken and Lee... your prompts were perfect, seredipitous, lovely, kind, and challenging... I adored the music.... just adored it. Also, thank you to those who were here "with" me... your words and presence was soothing.

    I return to my chime on my phone... where it's been for about a year now. I return to my breath, where it's been since the beginning of time. I return to the present... over and over... I drag myself there. Here I am. Grateful.

    With Love and Light,

  2. A very special thank you to Ken and Lee for starting us on this journey each day. I loved the music....felt very WellSprings! Our computer crashed and I'm not very adept at typing at length on my phone, so I will simply say how much this experience has meant to me. I look forward to continuing my gratitude journal. It's been a privilege to share with everyone here. :)

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